Our developers are Southern Lifestyle Development (SLD), based in Lafayette, La.. The company was formed in 2012 by founders Robert Daigle, Rodney Savoy and Robert Gagnard after the renowned success of the Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) the Village of River Ranch. They’ve since branched out to continue building TNDs and conventional developments across the southeast.

The founders aimed to change the way real estate was developed. They thought neighborhoods should be designed with its residents in mind first, with special considerations given to ease of walkability, vast parks, and other community recreational amenities. Their goal is the build communities that change the way you live – where you’ll have a sense of place, know your neighbors on a first-name basis, and find fulfillment in your community.

SLD has built 10 TNDs and more than 40 conventional neighbors across Louisiana and Mississippi, heading to Texas and Florida next. Visit their website to see where each one of their neighborhoods is located and learn more about their team.


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