Preston and Ava

For more than a hundred years, the land that is now The Settlement at Live Oak belonged to one single family. They passed it down from generation to generation, until at last it went to a son named Preston.

Preston loved the land. Its bright green fields, mysterious swamps and massive live oaks — some of which still shade us to this day — made him feel at home. Yet Preston felt lonely there, too.

He had fallen in love with a woman named Ava, but her father never allowed them to marry. As the years passed, neither Preston nor Ava fell in love again, and neither had children.

For solace, Preston turned his attention to his land, but he had no son to leave it to. In one last act of love, he left it to Ava, who treasured her parting gift from her beloved Preston. In time, Ava left it to her nephews, who guarded it carefully in her memory. They went on to befriend one of our founders. Now, we’re sharing it with you.

Come join us as we honor this beautiful land, and the love that started it all, in a lively TND community just outside Thibodaux. Explore our Master Plan.

Home of the Jameson Oak

Louisiana’s Live Oak Society began in 1934 when Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens personally selected the region’s 43 finest specimens to open the Live Oak Registry. One of those original 43 trees, the Jameson Oak Tree, is located at The Settlement at Live Oak.

Several of our available lots feature grand live oak trees that are descended from the prized Jameson Oak. In time, the homeowners of these lots may have the option to add their own living heirlooms to the registry, as well. To be considered for the registry, a tree must be at least 100 years old. Learn more.

Standing Bass playing at Settlement for Live Oak


One of the hallmark principles of a Traditional Neighborhood Development, or TND, is to begin by creating a Master Plan. The Settlement at Live Oak is no different. Our Master Plan was developed with care to guide our growth and preserve our vision. That’s how neighborhoods like ours maintain their distinctive charm and character for generations.

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a Live Oak in a field


Whether you’re looking to size up, size down or set up shop in one of our storefronts, The Settlement at Live Oak abounds with beautiful home sites and centrally located commercial spaces. From grand estate homes to charming cottages to live/work spaces in the heart of Town Center, Live Oak is just the place to put down roots.


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a young boy climbing a tree


Long ago, one of the majestic oaks that grows to this day at The Settlement at Live Oak was among a select group of trees that inspired one Louisiana botanist to open the state’s Live Oak Registry. And long before that, it silently watched a love story unfold beneath its massive branches.


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