As a new neighborhood coming to Thibodaux, you may have heard us mention that Settlement at Live Oak will be a Traditional Neighborhood Development. What does that mean? We thought we’d take a moment to make a brief introduction into this concept.

Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TNDs) are thoughtfully-designed neighborhoods that encourage a strong sense of community. They value a walkable design, connectivity, shared amenities, a variety of housing types and land uses, and an active town center. Both commercial and shared spaces (such as parks, paths and squares) are considered just as important as private residences. The goal is to bring the neighborhood together in these places to increase personal fulfillment as part of a larger, valuable community identity.

Traditional neighborhoods also celebrate natural beauty and architectural charm. Beautiful scenery encourages biking and walking throughout the community. With a commercial option like a sophisticated wine bar, you’ll likely take a stroll around the corner to grab a glass, rather than drive over in your car.

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